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Massey's Rangers

Massey's Rangers is an educational program for school age youth who want to build leadership skills, practice gun safety and handling and  participate in competitions.

This is a kid run organization with Massey's adult staff and adult volunteers participating as mentors and advisors.

Massey's Rangers need to be active participants in attending and volunteering for the educational programs and competing in matches at the range, local and national competitions.  Rangers serve as role models for other youth.

Like our Facebook page to get updates on competitions, meetings and classes. This is for kids and their parents/guardians/friends who participate by shooting at the range, attending educational programs and enter competitions.

The material is age appropriate for school age youth from the Rio Grande Valley.  The content is strictly educational and informative about events and scholastic opportunities for kids.

Youth Competitions

Sink a Sub

This competition can be accomplished at any time kids are at the range.  

Purchase a Submarine Target for $5.00.  (Proceeds go to support Massey's Rangers).  You may shoot with any firearm you rent or you bring yourself.  There are target stands painted white with the number of yards away.  Choose one to place the target.  Choose a category to document your high score,  8, 10 or 20 shots.  

On the back of the target write your first name, grade in school, distance, caliber, handgun or rifle, and if you used 8, 10 or 20 shots and your cumulative score.

Bring the target into the shop.  The friendly people there will document your score and present you with a membership card for Massey's Rangers.  High scores will be published for the week, month and year.  Join our Massey's Rangers Facebook Like Page to learn how you did that week.  

When: The third Saturday of every month at 3 p.m. All youth are invited. We will be using the 22 Rifles from the rentals. Shooters must be accompanied by a well behaved adult. Adults with kids will become coaches and volunteer safety offices for the match.

Times: Practice and set up 1 p.m. to 2.30 p.m.

Safety Meeting 2:45 Shooters must attend the safety meeting to shoot.

Competitions starts right at 3:00 pm. Contestants must be ready to shoot.

Fee: $5.00 Includes rental of 22 rifle plus MMO.

Ammunition: You may bring 22 Long Rifle ammunition or purchase it from the range. Match will be 50 rounds.

Youth must be accompanied by an adult who will support their shooter as a guide and coach during the completions. One adult may bring and supervise 2 youths.

What to wear: Wear comfortable clothes like a t-shirt, jeans or long pants and closed toed shoes. NO flip flops, high heels, sandals, and low cut shirts. Shooters must be dressed appropriately to shoot. Safety comes first.

Protective eye and ear gear: We have safety glasses and ear muffs. If you would like to purchase your own we have them for sale at the shop.

Educational Classes

We offer a variety of classes for kids.  Watch for announcements in the Calendar of Events and Facebook.

Youth Groups

Youth  groups are welcome.  And, not just appreciated, we have a deal for you.

For the first visit for any youth organization of children 6 to 13 with 8 or more kids can come for a free visit.  We will provide 22 rifles, 10 rounds of ammo per youth and a safety instructor.  Participants will earn a Massey's Rangers Firearm Safety Certificate.

Groups must have one adult for every four kids.  Extra adults are welcome.

We ask that supervising adults come to the range prior to the visit to meet with a safety instructor to prepare to be an assistant during the kids' visit. During the visit we will show you the way we teach the kids, rules we go over and basic handgun skills.  During the free day, you will be instructors along with our instructor.

Scheduling your visit:  Group leaders need to contact us at:  956-346-6950 or by email to schedule the group visit and the adult helper meeting.   We need 48 hours notice, but you know how we operate, if this is an emergency, gotta go now, visit with 24 hours notice we will take you if the training range is open.

What to wear:  Shoes:  You need to have closed toe shoes or boots.  No flip flops or sandals, shoes must be closed toes  and  secure on your feet with ties or velcro.  We recommend boots.

Wear protective clothing:  Shirts with high collars and sleeves, long pants and hat or bandana to protect your head from the sun.  You must wear ear and eye protection.

Permission:  Kids need to have permission from a parent or guardian.  This can be the same documentation you collect for the organization.  Or, you can bring the parents to participate.  Supervising adults must list the kids they supervise on  our safety forms.

Food and Drink

We, of course, have Alicia's brownies, but that really isn't enough to satisfy young appetites.    The best bet is to bring a sack lunch or snack.  To keep the drinks cool, bring a cooler.  We will sore it in the shop until you are ready to eat.  We have candy bars and soda for sale at the shop.

We do have an outside grill that you can use.  We will even help you eat the hot dogs, hamburgers and the steak you bring.

Hunter Safety Courses

We offer hunter safety courses for young hunters.  For more information go to our Hunter Safety Page.

Shooters need to be accompanied by an adult.  If you are a member of a youth group, ask about a discount for the group to attend the course.

Competition Practice Days

The RGV Shooters hosts practice days for those youth interested in shooting adult or children's competitions.  Members of the RGV Shooters are there to assist new shooters learning how to do IDPA style competitions.  Watch their website for more information.

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