Staff and Associates

We have a dedicated staff to serve your every need.  Please let us know how we can assist you.  

If you are a new shooter we provide a .22 handgun. 20 rounds of ammunition and a staff person to get you started on basic handgun operation and safety.  

If you have a new firearm we will go over the functions and maintenance.  If you have questions about improving your technique we are happy to provide input.

Larry Massey, Owner and the Big Boss.  Larry is here 7 days a week.  He enjoys talking with customers and making folks feel like family.

Mrs. Alicia Massey our hostess and the person who bakes the delicious brownies.

Morris is the chief mouse and varmint manager.  He can be seen almost anytime laid out on the pouch.  He says there are no more mice around so he is resting.  Please bring him healthful food.

Gilbert the Gun Father and Silencer Guru.  If you have questions on silencers or other cool stuff, this guy knows it all.  He is willing and eager to bring out any of his firearms and teach you the Art of Silence, or let you take a selfie next to his beard.


  1. Good Afternoon,

    I am military on deployment. The Valley is my destination for when I get back. I am looking to perches maybe two (if price is right) hand guns for wife and I. I have experience with almost anything but all she has shot is a 12 Benelli Nova. My main questions are:

    Can we try to pistol before we buy.
    Is there any legal paper work we need for when i travel back to duty station
    Do you guys do recommendations and/or give advice on what weapon is best for her
    Is there Military discounts or specials
    Thank you for your time and God Bless.

    Very Respectfully,

    Gardiel Alejandro Martinez

  2. For your wife we recommend that you bring her in. We will get her on a 22 and teach her safe gun handling and shooting. We have a lot of rentals she can try. If she finds a gun that she likes and we have it in stock, we ask her to shoot it before she makes her final decision. If she is not comfortable with the gun, she will never be able to shoot it in an emergency.

    We have a Ladies Day with free rentals on April 19th. That is the best time to bring her in.

    To your questions:

    Yes, we require folks to shoot the firearm before they purchase it.
    By law, we require everyone to have a background check. The other paperwork depends on where you might be going.
    We have specials which we post on our Blog and tell you when you come in. We try to be competitive on our pricing.

    Thank you for serving.

  3. Do we need to call ahead for new shooters? Or can we just go?

  4. Can I shoot a tac 14 firearm on the shotgun range?