Range Descriptions


All shooters must check in at the front office to register.  If you have shot with us before, remember to bring your card with your number.   If you are a new shooter, please let us know for extra safety and instructions.

Headgear and eye protection must be worn at all times. Eye wear and ear muffs can be found at all the ranges.  Range officers visit bays to assure everyone's safety.  We reserve the right to ask people to leave who are not following safety protocol.

Firearms must be legal to shoot.  No bump fires allowed on ranges except the Machine Gun range.  If you have a special license, consult the Range Safety Officer before you shoot.

Please put all empty ammo boxes, used targets and other garbage in the cans provided.  

Range 1 - Handgun Range

All handguns.  Target stands are 3, 7, 15, 25 and 50 feet and 50 yards.

Targets:  You may bring your own paper targets or we have them for sale in the gun shop.  You may not bring any computers, glass bottles, your ex-husband's bowling ball, ex-wife's favorite coffee cup or any other object to use as a target.  (You are now laughing but these have all appeared.)

Staplers and binoculars:  We have staplers and binoculars you may use.  Ask at the Shop. 

When placing targets use the warning horn and blinking lights to make all shooters aware someone is in the shooting area.  When the horn sounds, all guns of all shooters must be put down in a safe direction.  Shooters must step away from the bench.  After you are sure all shooters are away from the bench you may proceed to hang your target.

Staple guns are available for free at the Shop.

Range 2 - .22 Plinking Range

This is a steel falling plate target range for .22lr handguns only.  Targets  are pulled up using the ropes so there is no need to go into the shooting area.  Shooters can shoot as teams or individual competitions. 

These targets are for experienced shooters.  They are harder to hit than one would think.

Range 3 - Steel Target .22 Rimfire Range

This range is for .22lr handguns and rimfire rifles only.  No rapid fire. Steel targets are 15, 25, 50 feet and 50 to 100 yards.  Their is no need to go into the range, there are many targets of different sizes, shapes and, most fun, ringing sounds.

This range is a favorite for youth shooters.  We have a large selection of .22lr rifles for rent by the day.  $10.00 for the rifle.  You can bring your own ammo or purchase from our shop. 

Range 4 - Rifle & Pistol

This range is for any pistol or rifle with targets from 25yds to 300yds.  Yes we do allow .50cal rifles, we also have them for rent !!!

Class III firearms are allowed on this range.  If you don't have one, ask at the shop to rent our 50 Caliber and machine guns.  You have not lived until you have shot one!

No shotguns.  No bump fire except on the machine gun range.  You may NOT bring objects to shoot.

Target berms at 25yds, 50yds, 100yds, 200 yards and 300yds.  Some steel swinging targets are in the range at 200 & 300yds.  Binoculars can be borrowed to see your bulls-eyes for the long distance targets.

Bench rests can be borrowed from the shop to steady your firearm for sighting and shooting.

This area is a favorite for families with multiple firearms to shoot.  Please be aware of other shooters and follow range rules.  Our safety officer is always at hand.  

Tree Stand 

This shooting area  was designed for hunters who want to practice shooting from tree stands.   No shotguns, rifles only. 

It is large enough for three shooters with buddies.  Please be cautious of children climbing the stairs and in a small restricted area.  No small children are allowed on the stand.  Consult the range officer to be sure you are safe.

Range 5 - Shotgun Range

This range is for shotguns only .  It has two automatic clay throwers.  The thrower is operated by pushing a button and it is best that you have a shooting buddy to help.

We also have manual clay throwers that your shooting buddy can use to  throw the clays by hand.  Clays can be purchased on your own or in our shop.

Because of the need for a buddy and only two automatic throwers, shooters must be respectful with other shooters.  During busy times, shooters are restricted to 20 minutes for the automatic clay thrower.  Please share like you learned in Kindergarten.  Please do not shoot at others' clays.

Range 6 - BumpFire, RapidFire & Machine Gun Range

This range is setup for when you really want to run your firearm through its paces.  The berm is placed 15yds from the bench (mostly used to store cases of ammo) and here is where you can run your full auto machine (legal of course), bump fire stock or just mag dumps...cause they're cool.  Don't have much in regards to targets but I'm sure we can get something if you really need it.  But seeing the dirt fly is usually gratification enough and hearing that BANG.

Range 7 - Bowling Pin Range
What else can I say....its just fun.  We have 2 large tables setup to have bowling pins placed on the table. See if you can hit them, I still can't figure out why its fun, it just is.  On Saturday's we have a "match" to see who can clear the table the fastest.  This is best used with the bigger centerfire calibers like 45acp but it can be done with a 9mm also.  Only pistols can be used on this range.

Range 8 - Class Qualifying Range

This range is reserved for those qualifying for their concealed handgun license (CHL), handgun safety and other classes. This range is reserved for classes and closed to the general public. The Rio Grande Valley Shooters  use this area for their gun safety classes.  Watch our calendar for dates and times.

Range 9 - Archery Range

This range is for bow and arrow only.  You may bring your own targets or purchase them from the shop.  Target arrows only.  

You may use recurve, longbow or compound bows.  


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  2. My wife and I stopped by just because we were driving by and we had a great time. Very hospitable and courteous staff. We will come back with the whole family.

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