Range Rules

Massey's Range Rules

Range safety is the responsibility of every shooter.  Please be respectful of others and follow the range rules.  A Range Safety Office is on the range during peak hours.  They have full authority to designate safe behavior. 

1.  All firearms must be unloaded and actions open going to or from the range or firing line.

2.  All firearms must be pointed in a safe direction.

3.  If in doubt about safe operations of any firearm do not use it until you received proper instructions.  Use only correct ammunition in your firearm.

4.  No plinking.  (Targets may not be placed on the ground.) All bullets must be directed to impact the center portion of the backstop.

5.  Safety glasses and hearing protection must be worn at all times when near the firing line.

6.  Before going down range, use horn button, verbally announce "Cease Fire", and turn on flashing lights.  Make sure other shooters present have opened the actions of their firearms and placed their firearms on the bench.

7.  No handling of any firearm on firing line during a cease fire.

8.  Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at least 21 years of age.  Maximum of two (2) children per adult.

9.  Do not go in front of firing line to fire unless accompanied by a Range Safety Officer. 

10 Targets must be placed below top of target frame.  Do not place targets on vertical post of on top of backstop. 

11.  Please report any unsafe behavior to management.  Don't be shy.  We value the safety of our guests.

12.  Shooters must consult management before shooting full auto weapons. 

13 When no range officer is present shooters should appoint a Range Officer.

14  Load firearms only on firing line with muzzle pointed down range.

15.  Paper targets only unless provided on the range.  Targets maybe purchased at the shop..  No objects of any kind may be used as targets.

16.  At the owner's discretion, you will  be expelled from the premises for not following safety rules.