New Shooters

New Shooters are welcome.  We provide safety instruction, friendly staff and rental firearms.  When you arrive, let the front desk staff know that you are a new shooter. The best time to come is early morning or late afternoon so staff has time to show you various firearms, provide instruction on gun handling and get you started on the range.

If you have a group, contact us for a group rate and instruction staff.

We recommend that new shooters rent firearms to learn what type of  firearm they might want to purchase for personal defense, household defense, competition, hunting and other sport shooting. 

We have 22 handguns and rifles that are excellent for new shooters.  We recommend starting out with a 22 and working up at your own comfort level.

Safety instruction
We encourage you to look at the website and read the range rules, look at the pictures of the various bay shooting areas and call ahead to make sure staff are available.

Questions about firearms
Experienced staff are here to answer questions about the types of firearms and ammunition you may want to purchase.

Purchasing your first firearm.
We recommend that you fire a firearm prior to purchase.  We ask all gun buyers to fire the firearm first before purchase.  If you are purchasing a firearm on line,  see if we have something comparable for you to shoot.  To have your firearm transferred from the FFL you purchased it from visit our transfer page

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