Hunter Safety Course

Hunter Safety Course

The state of Texas requires that hunters born on or after Sept. 2, 1971  have completed a hunter safety program.  The Field Course is offered by Massey to provide more hands-on and personal instruction than other courses.  Bring your children, spouse and yourself to engage the entire family in how to safely handle firearms, use them for hunting and safely stow them  in the home.

The minimum age for the course is 9.  You may bring younger family members to learn about home safety.  This course only needs to be completed once in your lifetime.

The course is in two parts.  One is online from the Texas State Parks and Wildlife and the Field Course is taught here at the range.  The course covers: 
  • Hunting Rules and Regulations
  • Ethics and Responsibilities
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Modern and Primitive Sporting Arms and Ammunition
  • Safe Firearm Handling and Storage
  • Outdoor Survival and First Aid
  • Field and Live-Firing Exercises are often included in traditional courses
  • Field and Live-Firing Exercises are mandatory in Home Study testing.
Before you attend class:

  1. Please read and study the pages on:  Hunter Online Safety Course.  Print the pages out and bring them with you to class.  Click on Hunter Ed Online Course in the left hand side.
  2. You must complete the State of Texas Online Course Quiz:  Bring the certificate at the end of the quiz.
The State online course is free.  If the online course says it is $25.00, you are on the wrong web site.

Field Course Cost Here at the Range:  $15.00 for the course and $5.00 range fee.

The course includes:  Use of firearms, targets, course materials, and your identification card.

Dates:  To be determined..........You only need to attend one session.

Time:  TBD

Where: Massey's Gun Shop & Range, 1 Massey Way, Brownsville, Texas

What to wear: The course will be held at the range and the firearm proficiency will be held outdoors. Dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather: jeans or other long pants, shirts and blouses like a tea shirt or polo. Wear low heeled shoes that cover your feet. No sandals, heels or flip flops. 

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