Education Courses and Programs

Education Programs

Firearm Safety Courses

 NRA Basic Pistol Shooting  Course  This course is recommended for those who want to learn basic shooting skills, firearm safety, and competitive shooting.  This is an NRA certified course and participants will receive a NRA Certificate.  The course is taught by our very own sharpshooter Cathy Wade.  You may know her as our Ping and Bowling Pin champion.

The course is offered the first Saturday of every month from 8n a.m. to 5 p.m.  It is an 8 hour class.  Allow extra time if the class runs longer.

This course can be registered and paid on line.  Just click the buttons below.


RGV Shooters Basic Handgun Class   It is recommended for new shooters, those wanting to purchase a handgun for self defense, learn basic gun handling skills and those wanting to start competitive shooting.  This course is taught by the RGV Shooters and is a fund raiser for their handgun, shotgun, carbine and three gun matches. 

The course is offered every other month.  Visit their website for more information. 

Concealed Handgun Courses

Concealed Handgun Course This course is required by the state of Texas to obtain a concealed handgun license.  It is an NRA course designed to inform participants of the State and Federal laws, firearm safety and basic shooting skills.  This course is taught by NRA Certified Instructors, Larry Massey and Cathy Wade. 

The course is offered the first Sunday and last Saturday of every month.  Show up at 8 a.m.  The course includes a delicious free lunch.

Hunter Courses

Texas Hunter Safety Course  This course is required by the State of Texas for all hunters.  You only need to take this course once.  It is recommended for hunters and families who have shotguns in the house.

The course is offered immediately before and the first couple months of hunting season.  Check our web pages for the dates and times. 

Youth Groups

We offer to all youth groups a day at the range.  It includes a free day pass, firearm safety course and free rentals of 22 rifles.  Contact us at the range to schedule your day.   956-346-6950

Kids' Spring Break

Join us on Wednesday, March 12 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Kids will learn how to clean a rifle and a 22, review safe gun handling, suing a scope and safe shooting.   A hot dog lunch is included in the price.  $10.00.  Kids will need 10 rounds of 22 Long Rifle.  Bring your own or purchase from the shop.

Kids' must bring a responsible adult or be with a group with an adult.

What to wear:  Shoes:  You need to have closed toe shoes or boots.  No flip flops or sandals, shoes must be closed toes  and  secure on your feet with ties or Velcro.  We recommend boots.

Wear protective clothing:  Shirts with high collars and sleeves, long pants and hat or bandanna to protect your head from the sun.  You must wear ear and eye protection.

Permission:  Kids need to have permission from a parent or guardian.  This can be the same documentation you collect for the organization.  Or, you can bring the parents to participate.  Supervising adults must list the kids they supervise on  our safety forms.


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