Range Fees and Rentals

Range fees for the day.....
NEW rates starting Jan 2nd 2017

Individual $18.00
Anyone over the age of 18 & over is considered an adult an will pay the individual rate.

Couple $30.00
This would apply to Husband & Wife, Boyfriend & Girlfriend ex: or Adult with 1 minor child

Family $35.00
We define family as mom & dad, children under 18.

Ten range bays available.   
Bay One:  Handguns only.
Bay Two:  Steel targets 22 handgun only
Bay Three:  Handguns and rifles.  22 only
Bay Four:  Rifle & Pistol
Bay Five:  Shotguns
Bay Six:  Automatic Firearms/Machine Guns, Bumpfire, RapidFire
Bay Seven:  Bowling pins centerfire handguns only
Bay Eight:  Teaching area.  If you want to practice for competitions, ask the staff to set up the practice walls and targets.
Bay Nine:   Bow & Arrow/Crossbow area
Bay Ten:    Centerfire falling plates

Ask to use a staple gun for setting up targets and binoculars for viewing targets.  We hold your drivers license until returned.  

Targets available from $0.50 to $5.00.  You may also bring your own.  
Ammunition available to purchase.  We only sell ammunition for what you will use that day. 

Range officers are on duty throughout the day.  We run a very strict policy of safety.  We reserve the right to refuse guests who are a danger to themselves or others.  Please see our range rules. 

Group rates available 
Please call ahead so we may arrange your visit and be sure you have use of the bay you need.  For youth groups we require one adult per three youths.  Range safety class will be included.

Foreign Nationals
Federal laws prohibit us from allowing Foreign Nationals to use the range or rent firearms with exceptions.  Shooters are able to shoot & rent firearms granted they can meet qualifications to obtain a Texas Hunting License, please call us to help make your visit fun & enjoyable.

Firearms Rental
Handguns all sizes $10.00
Rifles  all sizes  $10.00
Ammunition can be purchased

We hold your drivers license until the firearm is returned.

Specialty Rentals
Specialty Class III firearm rentals  require a Range Safety Officer to be with you at all times.  To be sure staff and firearms are available, call ahead. 

Machine Guns
Rental Fee $20.00 & $1 per shot

Thompson 45
Mac 11
Mac 10
H&K Mp5

50 Cal -  $25.00 first shot $10.00 per shot  after that or 10 shots for $100.00


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  2. Do you guys offer monthly or yearly passes?

  3. What is the price range for ammunition?

  4. Coming from the UK, what would we need to do to be able to use the range?


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