FFL Transfers

To transfer firearms to Brownsville,Texas

Firearms purchased in another state and websites like GunBroker.com require that they be shipped directly to your local Federal Firearm License (FFL) Dealer rather than to you as a buyer.  This assures that the firearm you purchased  is legal and assures others that you can pass a background check.   If you purchase a paperless firearm, it is recommended that you ship through a FFL.  Both steps protect you as a buyer.

Below are the steps to follow:

Seller FFL:  Provide the seller or transfer FFL with Massey's Gun Shop & Range email, phone and mail address.  They will need to obtain a copy of our  FFL before they can ship your firearm.  Give them the webpage and that will take care of all the information.,


Massey's Gun Shop & Range, LLC
1 Massey Way
Browsnville Texas 78521


Call and let us know the transaction number, type of firearm, and the seller contact information, preferably their email address.   We must email to them a copy of our FFL license before they will send the firearm. You can also put it on our Facebook Like Page as a message.

Background check:  When you purchase the firearm from the FFL seller he may require that you complete a background check.  We may also require a background check to assure that the transaction is valid and legal.

If this is a paperless transfer from the seller, you will need to get a bill of sale and contact information from the seller for your own records.  When you purchase a paperless firearm, its history: good, bad or ugly; goes with the firearm.  Protect yourself.

Transfer fee:  We charge a $30.00 transfer fee for most firearms, NFA firearms are charged $100. The selling FFL may or may not charge you a transfer fee.

Shipping fee:  The selling FFL will charge a shipping fee unless you made other arrangements.  Tell the seller if you wish to insure the firearm for an additional charge to you.   Ask for the shipping number so you can track your firearm. You are responsible for tracking.

FedEX, UPS:  Ship private carrier for faster service.  The U.S. Postal office does not deliver large packages, they have to be picked up.  The cost maybe less, however the wait is longer. 

Identification:  Both the selling FFL and we will require a Texas drivers license.  You must prove you are a resident of the State of Texas.  The firearm will not leave the premises without this.  Do not buy for another guy.  The penalty is jail time.

Contact Us:  Contact Gilbert or Larry to let us know the firearm will becoming in.  956-346-6950  Provide descriptive information of the firearm, transaction number, what FFL will be shipping it, and your preferred contact information.

You will be notified by phone or email when we receive your firearm.  It is always wise to watch the tracking and call to let us know when it will be in.  You may come anytime during regular business hours. 

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