Friday, January 13, 2017

We strive to be your one place do all gun store and range.  Well now we have added a World Famous gunsmith to our repertoire of services we offer.  We offer all types of gunsmithing from building an old 1895 Mauser to new conditions or rebuilding your AR-15.  We can cut or thread a barrel, or installing a new barrel on that worn out old Remington 700.  Feel that your fancy new 1911 doesn't have a great trigger as it should...we can fix that also.  Lots have asked, "can you thread a barrel for my silencer or muzzle break?".....YES.  The fantastic part of having a local gunsmith is turn around time is faster.  I'm talking days, not months.  Got a shotgun that is giving you problems...lets get it up and running instead of struggling during the hunt.  Have a pistol that needs repair, yup we do that also.  So get all those projects up and running, bring'em in.  Remember a gun that doesn't shoot is just a rock.


  1. I took my old colt 1903 new army double action revolver. Revolver was out of time and Enrique tuned my revolver. I will be a return customer and highly recommend Enrique.

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