Thursday, December 8, 2016

With some of the recent events here at the range, we are forced to NO longer allow rapid fire on range #4 (rifle range). We had a few patrons that could not control their firearm and several of the rounds left the range as they did NOT impact a berm, I know its the size of a small SUV but they still missed. We still have a range setup for full auto, bump fire and now rapid fire (#6). So now on range #4 you will see the following signs at every bench. They seem to be very clear in description, but i'll explain just a tad.

Rapid fire is the firing of more then 1 round every 3 seconds. So when you fire a round, ensure it hits the berm, count to 3 and you can fire the 2nd, so on and so forth. You may ask "why" well when a novice shoots his rifle, most times his eyes close, he yanks the trigger, the round leaves, they get spooked & slightly loosen the rifle, so the rifle muzzle climbs, he yanks the trigger again, but now that 2nd round is sent in the sky and only God knows where it hits, and they repeat this process several times never knowing where their bullets are landing. EVERY bullet that leaves your firearm is YOUR responsibility, you own that bullet till it buries itself in dirt.

Failure to hit the berm.....well that should be fairly obvious but i'll explain. When you fire a round, that round must go into the BERM, not at the ground 6ft in front of you or aiming at the clouds, most likely that bullet ricocheted or traveled somewhere else. Have you ever seen rocks bounce off water...well bullets do the same thing when not impacting a berm. Sending a bullet straight in the BERM or backstop ensures the bullet has landed in a safe area and not endangered someone else.

If you feel you need help sighting or just handling in your rifle, we would love to do that for FREE. We want to make sure you can hit your intended target. So don't hesitate to ask anyone for help. Unfortunately cause of these rules and breaking them you can/will be asked to leave. Hopefully this never happens cause we want everyone to have safe shooting fun, but if is causing danger to someone else. Well I'd rather have them leave then face even greater consequences.
If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read this.

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