Sunday, July 3, 2016

July 4th is a day to celebrate America's independence.  We remember all the things that help us maintain our freedoms.  We here at Massey's want to show our freedoms to rental all rentals this July 4th will be FREE.  Thats right, ALL rentals are free, no charges this Monday on rentals.  So don't be that guy that shows up with a wooden gun.
  We will be open this Monday regular hours 10a-6p. So instead of waiting at home for fireworks to start, spend the day at the range learning to protect yourself.  The world is changing an we need to be prepared for all those evil people we have in this world that want to hurt us to prove their idiocricies.  So again, this Monday to not have an excuse on why you can't defend yourself, we are offering free rentals.  Now get out, learn to shoot, protect your freedoms, and be safe.

  Happy Birthday AMERICA !!!!!!!!

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