Wednesday, April 13, 2016


The New ruling on silencers goes into effect July 13th.  A lot of people are in a panic, in a way you should be and in a way not so much.  Let me give you a brief update on whats going on.

To be worried....well anytime laws change that make things more difficult it stresses us and makes people nervous.  When 41F comes into effect the major change will be the submission of passport style photos that you can get at any Walgreens or CVS just like when you submitted for your passport. The other thing will be fingerprints that you can get at any police station, border patrol office, jail or detention center.   Its really not that hard, the biggest concern will be taking the other people on your trust to do the same thing, it can a troublesome event, more of a hassle. But nothing pain staking or life changing.  You can still enjoy the silence just will a few more paper documents to do.
Not to be worried...silencers are still legal.  They're still available and still plenty of them,  For the guys that couldn't get a CLEO to sign off well now they can tell them to pound sand (don't do that) but no they bypass that guy and send in the docs and can get a silencer now.  Its a small step backwards but for the most part several steps forward.

To end, if you have any questions on silencers from buying them to filling out paperwork...ask me !!!!  Its what I live and breathe, I enjoy them and shoot them often.  If there is anything that a gun guy likes is showing off his guns, I'm here and will gladly show you the art of silence.

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