Sunday, March 1, 2015

It is Spring Break - We have something for everyone.

The Calendar has been updated.  Check out the events for the next month.

UTB has spring break March 9 - 16 and UTPA  March 16th through the 20th.  We have free rentals for students.  Bring 7 of your friends for a group of 8 and we will waive $5.00 off each on the day pass fee.

Bring your firearms bucket list of what you want to shoot.  We most likely have it.  If you do not see it, ask for a tour.  We probably have it.

Those procrastinating students that left your school work to do during spring break - Get to work now.

When you are done with all assignments, come to the range.  Reflect that your professors (and mother) told you (over and over) to keep up with your work so you could enjoy spring break. (See you towards the end of the break.)  Make a commitment that you will keep up with your work daily next semester and come and see us early and often in the break.

For BISD caretakers of students during the spring break, we have a week of relief.   Take a picture of
them, alive, leaving for school on Monday.   Then come here for a free rental, some adult conversation, personal instruction, fresh air and brownies.  Lots of brownies.

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