Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Specials! Whopii!

Here are our Christmas Specials for our friends.  

Well, the first one is not a special.  It is just a reminder of our annual memberships.  This is the gift you need to purchase for your gun enthusiast.

(We will even sell you one and put a fake name as the gift giver.  No one will ever know you bought it for yourself.)

Annual memberships go up for sale now.  
     $150 for an individual
     $250 for a couple
     $350 for the family.
This is the best deal ever.  Come whenever you want to the range.  Stay 10 minutes or the day.

Gift certificates.   The gift that keeps on giving as you spend quality time searching for the perfect

You can purchase a gift certificate for a firearm.  This is the best gift for that special  someone.  Instead of buying a gun and then taking it back because it was not perfect for them, purchase a gift certificate.  Bring them out to the range for free rentals until they do find the perfect firearm.  We will see if we have it in stock or we can order it for you.

For those of you who have people coming to visit from states without Texas Quality Gun Laws, they get a free rental now through January 4th.  Bring them to the range and show them true Texas hospitality.

And, friends, thank you for coming to the range all year.  We are proud of your friendship, good company and support.

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