Sunday, August 31, 2014

First newsletter of the week......lots happenin'

We are probably going to have two newsletters this week to get everything in.  So, please take notes so you don't forget anything.

First, we have so many folks spending the day here, the guys, Jon and Adam made a barbecue/smoker that we can use for special events.  In addition, it is on wheels so we can also wheel it to your favorite range for your own picnic.  Shoot while you cook hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, steak, lobster, corn or anything you want.  Jon and Adam have volunteered to stand by your sizzling lobsters and steak while you shoot.

Jon fired it up today for its maiden voyage and cooked hamburgers, hotdogss and corn.  We did a taste testing and it was delish.  It is good enough for our shooter friends.

I took pictures, but unfortunately, the meat didn't survive the feeding frenzy.   No one wanted to get close during the feed for fear of getting bit.  There is some corn left.  Ask for it.  It is in the back in the refrig.

We have found a new way to support Massey's Rangers.  The first way is that we have is targets that are a deck of cards.  Some folks are using them to play poker, but we thought they were to play Fish.  Go figure.  But they are your cards, do what you want.

The targets are $5.00 each.  After we pay back Larry, we get to keep the proceeds to help Massey's Rangers buy equipment for competitions and travel expenses.  Larry provides rifles, closes the steel 22 range for competitions  and practice, targets and equipment for USPSA.

Massey's Rangers have their own Facebook Like Page.  Like it to hear about updates.

We have another target for Kids' Competitions that will allow kids to shoot at any time.  More on that after we get the target stands up on the range and the web page built.

Labor Day is free rentals for all.  Don't miss it.  Come early.  We have been the busiest in the early afternoon.  Bring something to bbq and our hungry, underpaid staff will wheel it out to you.

Sunday is our CHL class.  We have 3 more Hunter's Safety Classes this month.  Check out our Calendar of Events.

Ok, take a break from reading.  The other newsletter will be coming soon.

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