Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Additions Over the Summer

Lots of changes over the summer. The biggest you will notice as you walk into the shop. Lots of room to sit, visit with staff and friends and even play games between shooting.

We have come to the conclusion that target shooting is a social sport. Our customers come here spend a relaxing and fun day with family and friends.  So we made it more comfortable for you.

This was also so customers can get to the counter to register!

We also added a video gaming  area.  Kids of all ages can take a break and use one of the two gaming stations.  Or, make it a reason to stay longer with your friends and
family.  The games are included in your day pass admission.

This room will also be used for classes and meetings.  Our classes are always informal with an emphasis on learning and enjoyment for  very interesting topics.  And, no, your day pass does not include an overnight on the couch.  That is reserved for staff.

We added a new bowling pin range.  Bowling pins have become the favorite target so we added one more bowling pin range.  The bowling pins are proving to be a favorite range.  You need a 9mm or bigger to knock them over.  This new bowling pin range is for friendly competitions.   The other range is for our Saturday competition and practice.

We have updated our descriptions of our ranges on our webpage.  Click here to see them. 

The Hunter Safety Classes for August are on Wednesday the 13th, Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th. Visit our Hunter Safety webpage to learn what you need to do before the class.  We only have three more classes in September before White winged dove season opens on September 20th.  Take the course now, in August, and practice shooting in September on our Shotgun Range.   

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