Sunday, August 24, 2014

Busy September Coming Up.

This weekend, the last is August (good riddance hot weather), is free rentals for college students on Saturday.  

This marks your last weekend of freedom and any money you earned this summer.  Back to hitting the books.   UTB and UTPA students graduating this May will be the last UTB and UTPA graduates ever before the two universities consolidate to form UTRGV.  Keep watching our Newsletter.  We will have a special graduation day for you in May.

Saturday is also our CHL class.    This class is for new shooters and experienced shooters.  If you have not yet purchased a handgun, take the class before you buy. Click here for the Texas State's FAQs for concealed carry.  Check if you are someone who needs to have a license.  

We are celebrating Labor Day weekend by giving our friendly staff more work.  Labor Day Weekend brings specials for everyone.  See the specials below:

Saturday is free rentals for college students.  That includes UTB, TSC, TSTC, STC, UTPA  and the private technical colleges.  Just show your ID or anything else to prove you are a student.  A very sad face with an depleted wallet will do.  You will need to have $15.00 range fee and ammo.  Bring your own or buy here.

Sunday is 50 Cal. day.  We usually charge $25.00 for the first round.  From 1 pm to 3 pm we will drop the $15.00 staff fee.  So, every shot is $10.00.  Bring a camera and post your video on our regular   Facebook page, our Like Page orMassy's Rangers Like Page, a like page for youth under 18.  If you rent it, you have to carry it out!  Our friendly staff carriers out the ammo.

Monday is Free Rentals for all!  We really want our staff to work hard to celebrate Labor Day.  That is what it is all about right?  You can use any of our firearms in our rental shelves.  This is a good time to try new firearms.  You will only be charged for the day fee and ammo.

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