Saturday, July 19, 2014

What is happening with the AK's?

What is going on with AK-47? In our heightened economic sanction war with Russia over it's antics in Ukraine, the State Deportment has been banning companies from importing products made in Russia since Russia started taking over the Ukraine. As a result of the Malaysia flight being shot down over the Ukraine, the number of economic sanctions has greatly increased.

The latest round of banned companies included Kalashnikov Concern who manufactures AK's and other products. Not all firearms companies have been sanctioned so Russian goods will still come in.

This is a ban of new imports only, not what is in the US currently. It is still legal to purchase them, own them and shoot them in the U.S. They are banned from import to the U.S, however other countries will most likely figure out a way to profit from this and bring AK's back into the market.

It may take Russia a while to figure how to get the AK back into the American market. The picture shown here obviously demonstrates that they have not learned the first rule of safe gun handling. Always point your gun in a safe direction. We can see why their troops are diminishing. They seem to have a difficult time learning.

How long these sanctions will continue is unknown. The sanctions are directed toward companies that will hurt the Russian economy. First companies sanctioned last year were the gas and oil. It is a common practice to install economic sanctions like we have done in Iraq and other countries. The best is to contract your Congressman or Legislature and talk to them about the AK's ban.

Meanwhile at the Range every thing is going strong. This summer we are making new ranges and improving others. The shop is now a place to hang out and talk about what we all like to talk about, how great a shot we are.

The Glock 42 is coming in, inconsistently, but coming in. Let us know if you want to be added to the list as they arrive.

CHL class is the last Saturday of the month. Don't miss this one.

It is getting close to panic time for hunter safety class. Do this is August so you won't miss the fall seasons. Check here for the dates the classes are given.

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