Thursday, July 3, 2014

Specials for the 4th and regular stuff

We have specials for the 4th of July weekend.

Friday is free rentals for everyone.  Start with the 22's and work your way up to the AKs and ARs.

Saturday is 50 Cal day.  We are waiving the $25 fee.  All you have to do is pay for the ammo.  Tag us on your photos!  It makes those who missed the day drool all over their $600 smart phone.

Sunday is one kid is free with a paying adult.  Bring your daughters, sons, nieces, nephews and kids on your block.  There is noting finer for our staff than seeing a responsible adult teach a child how to shoot safely.  OK, someone just asked.  Kids are 16 and under.  The actions of your spouse does not qualify them a kid.  They are a kid at heart.

Sunday is CHL class.  Show up at 2 pm, grab a brownie and a soda and have a seat.  This is the best 6 hours you will spend.  You will need a handgun and 100 rounds of ammo.  If you do not have one, we have rentals.  It really is wise to take this class before you buy.

Have a great fun and safe weekend.  We value all our shooters.  We want you well and alive.

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  1. I want to find a nice gun shop in my area. I've been wanting to get a new gun. Are there any other special sales coming up for other holidays?
    Gary Puntman |