Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Procrastinators now is the time to attend the Hunter Safety Course

OK, procrastinators.  The August dates for the Hunter Safety Course are August 13, 16, or 17.  The course starts at 2 pm.  There are some steps you need to take before you come.  The State provides written information and a test that is on the Internet.  Complete that test first, print out your scores.  Click here for more detailed instructions.

You only need to take the workshop once, however if you have kids, friends or
others coming with you, then they  have to take the Course.

You will learn many interesting things that will eliminate hunting accidents.

We have a CHL Class on Sunday, August 3rd.  Show up at 2 pm.  The class will last until 8 pm.

We are continuing Saturday Date Night throughout the summer.  After 4 until the range closes, it is two fer one.
Do you want to update an old shotgun for hunting season?  This is a  picture of a refurbished shotgun that had a broken stock, sticking action and pitted barrel.  It went through a through cleaning, duracoating, wood refinishing and diamond patterning on the reject portal.

Don't give up on your old firearms.  This one took down many deer before it was retired to a closet.  Give them a new life.  Bring them in.

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