Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Supreme Court Decision on Firearm Purchases

A man purchased a firearm for a relative.  The relative wanted the law enforcement discount.

The gun was purchased and the buyer did not disclose on the forms that the purchase was for another individual.

OK...two bads here.

1.  If you are not law enforcement, you should not get a discount.  The Glock discount is to support our men and women who protect us.  These guys got in trouble because they were trying to get the discount, not because they were trying to break the law.

2.  If you purchase a firearm for someone else and do not declare that fact, it is a straw purchase.  That is against the law.  Period.  In this situation, both persons involved in this were able to pass a background check.  There was no illegal intent.  That does not make a difference.

The basic fact is that the procedure for purchasing for another person needs to apply to everyone.  That is the only way the law is applicable and  punishable when a crime is involved.

Therefore:  1,  when you are purchasing for another person as a gift or a convenience, ask us the proper procedure.  2.  Law enforcement discounts are for law enforcement.

On an end note.  Look at the picture of the Supreme Court.  We have to do something to get more fashionable and better looking folks nominated.  Look at what Italy elects.   We have to get it together here folks!

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