Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Over 50,000 plus hits on our website!

Thanks to you all.  In the last six monthswe have had over 50,000 hits on our website.  Whew.  Thanks folks!  We hope you all come and see us soon!

This is a busy weekend.  We have our CHL classes this Saturday.  You know the drill.  Come at 2 pm, grab a brownie and a drink and join us for a very informative class.  You can bring your own firearm or rent one of ours.  This class is recommended for those seeking a CHL and those informing themselves about firearm laws and safety.

We have started our courses for Hunter Safety.  If you plan on hunting in Texas this fall, you  need to have your hunter safety course out of the way.  Do not wait until the Fall.  Get is this summer and spend Fall outfitting yourself.  Click here for more information.

You only need to take this course once.  If you are planning to hunt with your kids, bring them along.  They also need to take the course before they hunt.

When you get your deer, we will happily BBQ your deer sausage and help you eat it!  We are just that great.

Our last post talked about the Supreme Court clarification on how to purchase firearms as a gift.  The best thing to do is purchase a gift certificate from us.  You pick out the gun you want to give as a gift.  We make a gift package that you give the lucky gal or guy.  They come into the shop and pick it up.  Both of you go out and shoot it for the first time.  What can be better?  OK, there is a couple more days until Christmas, but planning is everything.

This weekend the RGV Shooters is having a IDPA pistol shoot.  Hop in their website for more details.  If you are new to competitions, they are the best group to start with.  Members, you are needed to help set up on Saturday.

We have set up a practice range for those of you who want to practice.  Just let the staff know when you arrive that you are practicing for competitions and they will set up the range for you.  We have practice for our plinking and bowling pins as well as IDPA and USPSA.

Come and see us this summer.  We get the cool golf breezes and an air conditioned  shop for relaxing with gun guys and gals.

Final thing.  If you are not on our Facebook, click here to join.

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