Sunday, April 27, 2014

May is upon us! Lots of fun stuff.

Spring brings exams.  Exams bring stressed students and we have the fix.  Free rentals for students on Saturday, May 3rd.  Bring your anxieties and we will smooth them out.  Free tutoring in any subject.  We do not guarantee the quality of information, but the tutoring will be enthusiastic.

Want to do something interesting on a date?  Bring the lovely boy, girl or whatever to the range on Saturday night.  After 4 pm. it is 2 fer 1 range fee.  Your "date" will have to kiss you passionately  (For those young ladies who bring a two bagger (one bag to hide the face and one additional in the event  bag number one falls off), we will excuse you from the kissing. 

Sunday we have a CHL class.  Come at 2, grab a brownie and drink and prepare to absorb lots of information.  We have the most interesting CHL classes in town.  Ask any of our students.

Sunday the RGV shooters have a three gun match.  Safety meeting at 9:45; hammer down at 10 am.  The RGV Shooters are a fun bunch.  Beginners and experts are welcome.  If you want to come out and observe, please do.  Visit the web pages for more information.

There are lots of wonderful things going on all week for shooters.  Visit our calendar of events, scroll down and see what is happening and where the event is.  There are opportunities for everyone, young or old.

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