Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Enjoy the spring weather at the range.

Last weekend was great.  Staff voted.  We have the best customers in Texas.  We appreciate you.

We had our first workshops for educators.  Our instructors, Angela Dunkin and Manny Cerda, donated their time so we could offer the classes for free.  The educators learned about the firearms in the news, their capacity and then went out to the range to shoot some rounds.

For those that missed it, the class will be offered again this summer.

This weekend we have our Kid's Competition at 3 p.m.  Shooters can come early and practice.  Range 3 will be closed at 2:30 to set up the stages.  At 2:45 we have the safety meeting.  All shooters must attend the safety meeting.  Adults accompanying the kids will be coaches for their shooters.

Shooters can bring their own 22 rifle or use our rentals.  Visit our Youth Page to learn more.

We have had a rash of dry firearms show up at the range.  When you check in, bring your firearm in with you.  Let us check it.  We will grease it up and send you out to shoot!

We had one embarrassed and experienced shooter come in for us to bandage him up.  Seems he had his thumbs wrapped around the back of the handgun.  Ouch...... 

Remember to check yourself and your shooting buddies to make sure they are holding the gun correctly and safely.  We were going to show you the bloody thumb picture, (It was gross!) instead we are showing you the proper grip.

Friends don't let friends hold the gun wrong. 

We have our regular 22 Plinking and Bowling Pins competitions.  Mark your calendar for Saturday April 19 for Ladies Day.  Free rentals and classes.  We will post the schedule soon.

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