Saturday, January 4, 2014

Welcome to the new year!

It is hard to realize how many wonderful years we  have been here.  We sincerely appreciate our friends who have supported us through the past years and will support us in the upcoming years.

We are still selling our yearly pass.  It is the best bargain ever.

We spent the holidays redecorating to spiff up our look a bit.  Everyone loves collector guns and we have brought more out to look at.  If you have old firearms, bring them in so we can see them.  Grandpa's old rife may have more than family memories.

We also have added a hot dog bar and some other cooking areas.  Since we charge a day pass and not by the hour we know folks get hungry.  Bring family, friends and spend the day with us.

This Sunday is our Concealed Carry Class.  We recommend this for all shooters, even if you don't carry.  If you have a firearm in the house, you need to understand the laws.  Take this and then the RGV Shooters basic handgun class.  You will be prepared.

The Rio Grande Valley Shooters are having another basic handgun class, Saturday, January 18th.  This class is for beginning and intermediate shooters.  They get rave reviews on the class and fill up quickly.  Visit their website for more information.  

We want to have a women's team at the Christmas for Kids Charity Shoot next September 27th.  Seems far away, but we need to practice to beat the men's teams.  The Basic Handgun class is the first step.

If you have not done it yet, like us on Facebook.  You get up to date reminders of the Valley's events.

See you at the range!

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