Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What's up this week!

Cool weather is on the way.  if you are not a Winter Texan, it is cold weather coming!  Perfect weather to spend at the range.  Bring the family and use our BBQ.

Ok, here is what is happening this week........

Saturday is free rentals for college students.  This is the Saturday before exam week.  It is as important to spend a chill time as to spend study time.  Sleep 8 hours, eat good-for-you food.  Then study, study, study.  Give yourself a break at the range to allow your brain some rest time to get information filed into your brain.

Spend a couple hours shooting the various firearms from our collection.  We have new, old, sweet and powerful.  Take one, trade it in for another.  We have ammo if you do not.

Also the RGV Shooters has their Jingle Bells 3Gun Match on Sunday.  This is Betsy's "Libby"  (RGVShooters token liberal)  first time as the Match Diva with the help of Bill since she got stuck working on Saturday during the set up.   It has great promise to be a fun match as well as challenging.  It is the gals against the boys.

Last week we had a customer come in with a firearm and some ammo he bought in 2004.  That is not really
old ammo, however the way it was stored, the ammo gained moisture and corroded.  When he took the ammo out, there were tiny specks of blue around the primer; hardly noticeable.  His daughter shot the gun with the corroded ammo and it blew up!  No one was hurt thankfully, however the gun was severely damaged.

After he showed us the ammo box we took out the bullet laying on top.  The corrosion went completely through the round.

Keep this picture with your ammo storage.  The clue is blue if the ammo has gone bad. Examine your ammo carefully if it has been in storage.  The humidity in the Valley is an ammo killer. Keep safe All.

Share this picture with friends who store ammo.

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