Monday, December 16, 2013

Time for Stress Free Shopping!

It is Monday....the panic countdown to Christmas is here.  This is a good time to take a looooooooong lunch at the range and do your shopping here.

You can purchase a gift certificate for a Year Pass, a Birthday Party, a Basic Handgun Class, a CHL class, a free gun cleaning or a free rental day for that special someone.  While they are putting together the gift certificate, go out and shoot a couple rounds.  You deserve it Santa!

We also have tee shirts with our logo.  Wear these and you are a chick magnet!  Unless you are a girl and you are a guy magnet.  We guarantee it.  Unlike some commercial stores like Aeropostal, we have all sizes.  Everyone looks good in our tees!  

Oh, yeah!  We do have guns for sale.

The clock is ticking to order a firearm online.  To hurry  the process up, have the seller ship it UPS (U.S. mail is too slow).  Give them our contact information  so they have the right address and information.

The seller cannot ship it until he has our FFL documentation. Call the shop with the seller's contact information so we can fax or email it that day.   956-346-6950

Finally, pester us until it comes in.  Some of the sellers don't give us enough information to call you when your package arrives.

Check out our FFL transfer page for details.

We will not be open Christmas day.  We want our employees to spend the day with friends and family.

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