Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Christmas Specials......OK, yeah, it is early. We are shamed..........

But what the hey, you will want to save up!  Our annual range passes for 2014 go on sale December 15th.  The price is $150 for an annual pass for an individual,  $225  for a couple and $250 for a family of five or less.

An annual range pass is a great gift for folks who use the range frequently over the year.  Pop in and out, sight in your firearm without feeling like you have to stay for a day.

It is a great stress reliever to spend your lunch hour destroying targets and much cheaper than a psychologist.  You wouldn't want your special someone to end up like this little guy to the right would you??

We have 15% off all our women's concealed handgun purses and range bags.  This is a great gift for ladies who want to be fashionable while carrying without having to wear pants the size and look of a parachute.

Lots of competitions this weekend.  We have resumed our regular scheduled Saturday competitions.  The 22 Handgun Plinking Competition is 10 a.m. and the Bowling Pins is 1 p.m.  Bring a big handgun for the bowling pins; they are just as hard to shoot down as bowl them down.  Come for the Plinking and stay for one of Alicia's amazing lunches.  Have brownies for desert and waddle out to the Bowling Pin Range.

RGV Shooters is having a Carbine Match Sunday.  Mandatory safety meeting at 9:45 and hammer down at 10 a.m.  Members we need everyone on Saturday at 2 p.m. to help set up.  Refreshments will be served when done.

Texas Carbine is having a Multi-Gun on Sunday.  They are in Corpus Christi and tons of fun to shoot with.  Lots of challenging stages.  Be prepared to crawl, stretch and roll in their stages.

The day after Turkey Day is free rentals for all!  Avoid the loony and frantic shopping crowds and come to the range.  Do your shopping here.  Bring a turkey sandwich and spend the day. We will supply the brownies.

If you are planning on purchasing a firearm online for a gift, have it sent to our shop for papers.  We charge $30 for the background check and will wrap it for free!  Visit our FFL transfer page.

Purchasing the right firearm for someone else can often be challenging and is very personal to the individual.  Bring your special someone to the range for the free rentals. Find out which firearms fits their needs, feels good in the hand and is comfortable for them.  If you purchase a firearm from us, we ask that you fire it first to be sure that is what you want.  Pretty or hot lookin' is not always the best buy in firearms.

Also look on line.  There are often lots of good deals on Gun Broker as people sell firearms for Christmas money.

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