Friday, October 4, 2013

We made it official!

We have so many folks coming to the range to have their birthday party, we decided to make it an official event that gets an official discount and official free stuff.

Birthday Parties!

You can now have your birthday party at the range.  We have parties for kids, adults and families.  Click on the link and read about it on our new Birthday Page.

Because the parties bring out so many new shooters, we throw in a safety class to being the newbies up to speed.  The best part though is the Class III rentals are free.  (Well you do have to pay for ammo.)

Give us a call or email to arrange your party.

Save the date:  No, no one is getting married, but we have set the date for next year's Christmas for Kids Match.  The date is September 27, 2014.

We had three women shooters this year.  We need more.  Ladies, let us know when you come to the range and we will get you all set up with the equipment and firearm you will need.  The RGV Basic Handgun class that will be on September 19 is your first step.  They will teach you all the basics to be a top contender.

Another class you may want to take is the Basic Pistol Course offered by our sharp shooter, Cathy Wade.  She will be offering it the first Saturday of every month.  It is a NRA Certified Course.  This is an intensive program that covers safety as well as proper shooting techniques.

You are going to be a contender in any Match after taking one or both of these courses.

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