Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lots happening as usual

We have updated our youth pages.  Youth organizations can come to the range for a free day.  It includes the range fee, rental of 22 rifles, ammo, a firearm safety class and a safety certificate.  You can read about them on our Young Shooters Page

The RGV Shooters are having a Basic Handgun class this Saturday.  During the class you will learn basic gun safety, build gun handling and shooting skills and learn gun safety.   This is an excellent class to take before you purchase a handgun.  Ladies, take this class to prepare for the Free Rental Ladies Day the next Saturday. 

The RGV Shooters need to know if you are going to attend by Friday so they can prepare.  In this course there is one instructor for every two participants.  You get personal attention.  The class is 8 a.m. to noon.  You will need a firearm, holster and magazine holder.  We will provide equipment if you need it.  When you call let us know what equipment you will need.   Nelson Pitman 956-607-6164   

Our free rental day is back, however just for the ladies.  October 26, Saturday  This is the best time to try out the power of kick with the different firearms.  Start with the 22s.  When you feel comfortable, advance to the 9 mm's and keep advancing until you are ready to start on the long guns.  Bring a lunch! 

When you are done we will send an email to Santa on what firearms you would like to see under the tree. 

Now ladies, you are prepared to be a contender in next September's Christmas for Kids match.

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