Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Here is the weekend line up!

Saturday we have Ladies Day with Free Rentals!   Ladies can pay the regular range fee of $15.00 and go through our rentals one by one.  You will have to pay for ammo or bring your own.  This is a great opportunity to use lots of firearms of different calibers, feel and punch.

Before you purchase a firearm, you need to know the one that is right for you and it needs to match your purpose for buying it.  There are lots of different firearms for personal protection, home protection, competitions, range shooting and investing.  You tell us why you want a firearm, and we will make suggestions on what you might want to try.  If you are already a gun owner, try the rentals to find your second one.

If you get a group of ladies together with 8 or more, the range fee goes down to $10.00 a person.

Rentals also include the Class III firearms.  Everyone wants to shoot the 50 Cal. or a machine gun.

We have a CHL Class this Saturday.  Meet us at the range at 8 a.m. and you will be done at 2 p.m.  That includes a delicious lunch made by Alicia and all the brownies you can eat.

The RGV Shooters has a 3 Gun Match on Sunday.  You need a handgun, a rifle and a shotgun.  The mandatory safety meeting is at 9:45 and hammer down at 10 a.m. sharp!  We usually get done around 2ish, put the equipment away and go to lunch to discuss how good we shot.

We have a new addition to our education programs starting the first Saturday in November.  Cathy Wade is conducting a class for the NRA Basic Pistol Certificate.  You will learn basic pistol handling, safety and shooting skills.  It is an intensive course so plan on being here all day.

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