Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Whats up for this weekend

The Texas Legislators were very, very busy during the last legislative season.   In between water rights with our neighbor Mexico, consolidating two UT Systems universities in the Valley and creating a new medical school, they made lots of changes to the concealed handgun licenses (CHL). 

The one change that is probably the most interesting to those of you who do not have your CHL yet is that the class times have been cut down.  Before you get all excited, the same amount of material needs to be covered! 

 Hold on to your hat when you take our course. We will be fast but thorough as we blaze through the material.  We still  intend to prepare you to be a responsible CHL holder and comfortable with your firearm.

 We have CHL courses the last Saturday of every month and the first Sunday of each month.  The new times are 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.  We will still feed you an amazing lunch prepared by our lovely Alicia. 

This Saturday is the RGV Shooters Basic Handgun class.  This course is for shooters who are interested in learning more about handling your handgun for personal defense, safety and competitive shooting.  This course is suggested before or around the time you take your CHL course or purchase a handgun for personal defense. 

You need to register ahead of time in order for the instructors to have enough equipment and trainers.  This is a fund raising event for the RGV Shooters for purchasing and maintaining equipment for matches.  The members donate their time and talent for this.  Contact Nelson at (956) 607-6164.

Don't forget Christmas for Kids match is coming up on September 28.  We still need some women shooters for our team.   Volunteers who would like to help with the event are welcome!

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