Saturday, September 7, 2013

NRA Banquet This Thursday

This Thursday is the NRA Banquet.  This is a time to show your support for the programs the NRA supports.  Beyond lobbying Congress for our gun rights, they do a lot for the communities.  They certify instructors for the CHL classes you take, support children's gun safety events and give grants to local firearm clubs. 

Those are good reasons to attend, but they also give away amazing door prizes.  There will also be silent auctions, bucket items and regular auctions.  Some of the firearms are collector's items with the NRA logo.

The RGV Shooters is having their rain-day Carbine Match this Saturday.  Come out and shoot with the new rifle you bought or won at the banquet!

On October 5th we will have a Beyond Concealed Carry.  This is an intensive course for advanced gun safety.  This is for those serious about personal and home defense.  Plan on an spending a mean 8 hours. The course is filling up fast so please  register early.

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