Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lots going on this weekend

We have a concealed handgun course this Saturday.  This is our first class with the reduced hours.  We still include a super lunch made by Alicia.  It is worth taking the class just to eat one of her meals. 

This is the big weekend for Christmas for Kids Charity Match.  The proceeds from this match go to purchase gifts for super kids during Christmas.  Last year we raised $1,200. 

We are making reservations for the January  Shot Show in Lost Wages, whoops, sorry, Las Vegas.  This is the largest firearms and accessories trade show in the industry.  It will be five full days of learning what is new and cool on the market. 

There will be exhibitors from firearm and ammo manufacturers to firearm accessories.  If you have questions or want us to get information for you on new items, let us know so we can talk to the people that make them.

If you have not done so yet, sign up on our Like Page in Facebook.  We send out notices and reminders of events more frequently. 

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