Sunday, August 18, 2013

What Did You Do For Your Summer Vacation?

Well, we didn't take one and spent the summer making super improvements to our ranges.  That is when we could work around shooters.  It is amazing how many shooters came out in the hot summer sun.

But don't get all macho here and think it is just the big guys that show up.  Our shooting areas are all under shade and we get some delightful Gulf breezes so it isn't as primitive as one would think.  In fact it is luxurious. Get an ice cold soda from the shop and you are in heaven.

One of the improvements is our shotgun range.  The poor old pavilion was
precariously leaning so we poured a new concrete base, added shade and installed two automatic throwers.  We can tell hunting season is close because as soon as the concrete dried, these shells showed up!  Lots of serious hunters ready to go.

We updated our Range Descriptions page so click here and take a look.  You are going to be impressed.

Remember, UTB, UTPA and STC students get a free rental day this Saturday the 24th.  Bring your  ID and $15.00 for the price of a day's shooting and choose your dream firearm to shoot.

Sunday is the RGV Shooters Carbine Match.  The safety meeting is 8:45 and hammer down is 9 a.m.  Do not be late!!  They start ON TIME.  If you would like to help set up, come and help Saturday at 3 p.m.

The next Hunters Safety Course is this Sunday, August 25th.  Hunters must take this course before hunting in Texas.  Dove season is approaching so this Sunday is a good time to take it.

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