Friday, July 19, 2013

Think it is hot in Brownsville, it is hotter up north!

However up north they don't have the great Gulf breezes we have at the range to keep cool.  Enjoy our expanded showroom and take a break out of the heat.  There is always lots of fun conversation inside the shop.

We just had some out-of-town customers come in and see our archery range tucked in next to the CHL range.  Seems as if we have the only archery range around.

The range is for bow and arrow only.  You may use recurve, longbow or compound bows. You may bring your own paper targets or purchase them from the shop.  Same rules apply as with firearms, no object targets like computers, your spouses favorite china or bowling balls.

Our day fees gives you access to all the ranges for the entire day.  You can even leave to go to lunch and come back and shoot for the rest of the day. And, of course, free brownies!  Yum!

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