Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New and Cool: Bowling Pin Competition

This Saturday will be the start of our Saturday Morning Bowling Pin Competition.  If you think it is easy to hit a bowling pin, try it.  This Saturday bring your 22 pistol or revolver get your sights set and next Saturday we start the real competition.

The reason we host and promote competitions is that these activities give real life experiences in the event you would ever have to protect yourself with a firearm.  In competitions you have to think fast, deal with adrenalin, shoot fast  and be right on target.

There are lots of ways to compete.  You can come out with the family or friends and use the plinking range and invent a competition to improve your speed and accuracy along with them.   You can join in our Saturday morning completions or join the Rio Grande Valley Shooters and participate in their shoots.  Don't feel you have to be an expert.  Beginners are welcome.

Daddy's Day is coming up.  We have a great special for the kids who bring their Daddy to the range.  Half off the admission for the kid and for the Dad.  Disclaimer:  Only one dad per kid.

Kids:  You may want to bring Dad to the bowling pin practice on Saturday morning and let him win.  That will go a long way to get the car this weekend.

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