Saturday, May 4, 2013

What is happening in May

First, and most important, we moved the brownies to the new area of the shop.  When you come, look for them.  They will probably move a couple more times until we finish the remodeling.  We all know you cannot hit the target without a brownie.

Tomorrow, Sunday the 5th we have a Concealed Handgun Class.  You need to be here at 8 a.m.  in the morning.  It is beautiful here at that time of day.  Do not eat a big breakfast because we heard that the menu for lunch is spaghetti.  YUMMMMMMM

The RGV Shooters had a safety class today with seven participants.  It was a great experience.   Each participant had his or her own private instructor.  Thanks to the RGV Shooters who took time out of their Saturday to provide the expertise.  If you missed this class and would like to sign up for another one, let us know.  We would love to host more.  The money the club earns gos towards better competition equipment.  Join the club and join the fun.

Special this week is this little Derringer .22LR from Cobra Enterprises of Utah Inc. 

The picture makes it look big, but look at the quarter to get an idea of the size.  It is black with a white pearl handle.  Pretty classy.  For men it should be worn with a tux or dress suit.  For ladies we recommend a long gown with an ankle holster or rhinestone evening bag.  

Regular price $169.  This weekend only $149.

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