Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy UTB/TSC Graduation Weekend!

We are open and the road is dry.  Good news for shooters not such good news for farmers and our water shortage.  The remodeling is still in progress and getting better and better looking every day.

We have some new firearms come in.  This Mossberg 12 Gage is super cool. This one is not for sissys! Yes, it really is a shotgun.

We always ask you fire before you buy to make sure that is the right one for you.  This one we may not have to have you fire.  It is right for everyone. 

We also have thisCore15.  The price is $1,000 and we give you one dollar back!  Who could ask for a better deal.  Oh, and free brownies. 

We only post specials once a week on the website.  If you want to get more up to date news or talk to a real person Friend us on Facebook. Massey's Gun Shop and Range

Now that you new UTB/TSC grads have an extra day, remember you have a free day at the range.

If we do get the rain that was predicted and you get stuck out here we will fire up the pontoon boat and drop you off at the bridge!!

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