Saturday, April 6, 2013

What is happening for this week at Massey's

Just in is the SCCY (pronounced "sky") a compact 9mm CPX-2.  Special this weekend is $299.00.  We have two, the one pictured with stainless and one stainless black nitride finish.  They are nice sized for concealed carry, but large enough for fun target practice.

We have ammo this weekend for shooting on the range.

Tomorrow, Sunday, April 7 we have our Concealed Handgun Course.  This is a one day course that gives you all the information and paperwork you need to obtain your Concealed Handgun License. 

Lots of people take this course and don't intend to carry.  They do this because it is easier to purchase firearms.  Instead of completing the federal forms and undergoing a background check, you can just present your CHL and the firearm is yours.

We also have lots of people who take it just to know more about firearm safety, laws and to know more about handling firearms. 

To get more information, click here.  You do not have to registrar to attend.  Just show up at 8 a.m.  We provide a great lunch. 

You may want to come and use our shotgun range this weekend.  Lots of shotgun ammo and it is a good time to sharpen your skills.  We have clays here or you can bring your own.  We have over/unders in our rentals.  Tons of fun!

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