Saturday, April 20, 2013

Meet our New Gunsmith!

Out best news of the week is our new Gunsmith, Dathan Flores has arrived.  He just graduated and has amazing skills:  Polish and Blue, Drill and Tap, Stock Refinishing, General Repair, Disassemble, Clean, Oil, and Assemble.  

We will be adding a page for him this week so you can learn more about what he can do.  Now that guns are hard to find, think about refurbishing the old ones you love.  We are all set up now  durocoat firearms. 

The remodeling is making huge progress!  It is organized confusion here today as we move displays and furniture into the new area.  The brownies have moved but they are on the same stand so you can find them easily.

We are cleaning out the back and have been finding lots of treasures.  Come by and see what we found.  We will be giving special prices to our special customers.

When you come out, or send us a message on what you would like to see in the new space.  We would like to put in furniture and food to encourage people to stick around and enjoy the company before or after you shoot.

We got some ammo in this week, 40, 45, 380 and some other misc. ammo.  We still sell only to shoot on the range, but we are hoping that this is the start of things easing up. 

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