Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sometimes we forget about the sacrifices that people make on a daily basis.  We live in the best country in the entire world because of our freedom, Freedom isn't takes sacrifice.  A sacrifice of our soldiers in order to defend our way of life.
So this weekend while we are enjoying our BBQ, lets take the time to remember all that served in the armed forces, some gave all...all gave some.  In the famous words of General George S. Patton "It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived."  Lets try to make it a point to thank all that have served to preserve our freedoms.  Here at Massey's we'd like thank all military personnel by waiving all rental fees this Saturday Sunday & Monday.

Get Out and Shoot

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

This Sunday is our favorite persons day MOM.

In honor of our dear sweet moms, here at Massey's we want them to enjoy the day an get out and shoot.  So this weekend all moms get free rentals, that's right bring mom out to the range and she can have her pickings of the rental firearms.   In fact just to give mom that special memory we'll even waive the .50cal fee, just pay for each shot ($10) and the initial $25 is waived.

In ending we here at Massey's want to tell all mothers thank you for putting up with each and every headache we've given you over the years.
Love you Mom.

Get Out and Shoot !!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

It is Spring Break - We have something for everyone.

The Calendar has been updated.  Check out the events for the next month.

UTB has spring break March 9 - 16 and UTPA  March 16th through the 20th.  We have free rentals for students.  Bring 7 of your friends for a group of 8 and we will waive $5.00 off each on the day pass fee.

Bring your firearms bucket list of what you want to shoot.  We most likely have it.  If you do not see it, ask for a tour.  We probably have it.

Those procrastinating students that left your school work to do during spring break - Get to work now.

When you are done with all assignments, come to the range.  Reflect that your professors (and mother) told you (over and over) to keep up with your work so you could enjoy spring break. (See you towards the end of the break.)  Make a commitment that you will keep up with your work daily next semester and come and see us early and often in the break.

For BISD caretakers of students during the spring break, we have a week of relief.   Take a picture of
them, alive, leaving for school on Monday.   Then come here for a free rental, some adult conversation, personal instruction, fresh air and brownies.  Lots of brownies.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Just a reminder about how lucky we are in the Valley

For those of you who have not come out to the range during our "bad" Valley weather the pictures provide you will the reality of blissful weather we have here.

The range has been beautiful with lots of green, balmy breezes from the Gulf and protected range areas to shoot from.  This is the best time of year to come.

Ammo is in great supply.  We have lots of 22 ammo for those who have put their 22 rifles and pistols that have been locked away.

Temperatures here are much better than Minnesota.  Slight chill in the air there!

We have our CCL class coming up the last Saturday of the month on February 28.  The next class is the first Sunday which just happens to be the very next day, March 1st. If you miss Saturday, we will see you on Sunday.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Annual Membership and other specials

Our annual membership is on sale.  The membership allows you to come to the range at any time over the year.  This is a great savings for regular customers.

Memberships also make excellent gifts.

Annual Membership rates are:

Individual - $150
Couple - $250
Family - $300
This is what it would cost you for 10 days.

There is some urgency.  The cost is the same if you purchase it in February, June or November.  So do not wait.

Think of this:  Brownies, brownies, brownies!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Specials! Whopii!

Here are our Christmas Specials for our friends.  

Well, the first one is not a special.  It is just a reminder of our annual memberships.  This is the gift you need to purchase for your gun enthusiast.

(We will even sell you one and put a fake name as the gift giver.  No one will ever know you bought it for yourself.)

Annual memberships go up for sale now.  
     $150 for an individual
     $250 for a couple
     $350 for the family.
This is the best deal ever.  Come whenever you want to the range.  Stay 10 minutes or the day.

Gift certificates.   The gift that keeps on giving as you spend quality time searching for the perfect

You can purchase a gift certificate for a firearm.  This is the best gift for that special  someone.  Instead of buying a gun and then taking it back because it was not perfect for them, purchase a gift certificate.  Bring them out to the range for free rentals until they do find the perfect firearm.  We will see if we have it in stock or we can order it for you.

For those of you who have people coming to visit from states without Texas Quality Gun Laws, they get a free rental now through January 4th.  Bring them to the range and show them true Texas hospitality.

And, friends, thank you for coming to the range all year.  We are proud of your friendship, good company and support.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

This weekend!

This weekend is free rentals for college students before they head into exams on Monday.  Take some time out to destress, relax and try out some different firearms.

We have paper targets.  Not to spoil your fun, but we do not allow you to shoot up textbooks, papers, research projects or clickers.  Unless you are graduating.  We will let you use one as a target.  But then you have to clean it up.

If you are looking for Christmas presents, we have lots of gifts for you to choose.  Our friendly staff will help you pick out the right gift.

If you are purchasing a firearm for someone to give as a gift, you may want to consider a gift
certificate.  That way your special someone will be able to come and pick out the correct gift for them.

We have had some young men come in and look for guns for their wife.  Who does not shoot.  We are very suspicious when the man thinks his wife would love the gun pictured.  Makes us think he maybe purchasing it for himself.

Don't know what gave us that idea.

Sunday is our CHL class.  Starts at 2 pm and goes until 8.  Come in, grab a brownie and make yourself comfortable.  The class goes rain or shine.  Click here for more information.

See you soon!