Saturday, July 19, 2014

What is happening with the AK's?

What is going on with AK-47? In our heightened economic sanction war with Russia over it's antics in Ukraine, the State Deportment has been banning companies from importing products made in Russia since Russia started taking over the Ukraine. As a result of the Malaysia flight being shot down over the Ukraine, the number of economic sanctions has greatly increased.

The latest round of banned companies included Kalashnikov Concern who manufactures AK's and other products. Not all firearms companies have been sanctioned so Russian goods will still come in.

This is a ban of new imports only, not what is in the US currently. It is still legal to purchase them, own them and shoot them in the U.S. They are banned from import to the U.S, however other countries will most likely figure out a way to profit from this and bring AK's back into the market.

It may take Russia a while to figure how to get the AK back into the American market. The picture shown here obviously demonstrates that they have not learned the first rule of safe gun handling. Always point your gun in a safe direction. We can see why their troops are diminishing. They seem to have a difficult time learning.

How long these sanctions will continue is unknown. The sanctions are directed toward companies that will hurt the Russian economy. First companies sanctioned last year were the gas and oil. It is a common practice to install economic sanctions like we have done in Iraq and other countries. The best is to contract your Congressman or Legislature and talk to them about the AK's ban.

Meanwhile at the Range every thing is going strong. This summer we are making new ranges and improving others. The shop is now a place to hang out and talk about what we all like to talk about, how great a shot we are.

The Glock 42 is coming in, inconsistently, but coming in. Let us know if you want to be added to the list as they arrive.

CHL class is the last Saturday of the month. Don't miss this one.

It is getting close to panic time for hunter safety class. Do this is August so you won't miss the fall seasons. Check here for the dates the classes are given.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Specials for the 4th and regular stuff

We have specials for the 4th of July weekend.

Friday is free rentals for everyone.  Start with the 22's and work your way up to the AKs and ARs.

Saturday is 50 Cal day.  We are waiving the $25 fee.  All you have to do is pay for the ammo.  Tag us on your photos!  It makes those who missed the day drool all over their $600 smart phone.

Sunday is one kid is free with a paying adult.  Bring your daughters, sons, nieces, nephews and kids on your block.  There is noting finer for our staff than seeing a responsible adult teach a child how to shoot safely.  OK, someone just asked.  Kids are 16 and under.  The actions of your spouse does not qualify them a kid.  They are a kid at heart.

Sunday is CHL class.  Show up at 2 pm, grab a brownie and a soda and have a seat.  This is the best 6 hours you will spend.  You will need a handgun and 100 rounds of ammo.  If you do not have one, we have rentals.  It really is wise to take this class before you buy.

Have a great fun and safe weekend.  We value all our shooters.  We want you well and alive.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Over 50,000 plus hits on our website!

Thanks to you all.  In the last six monthswe have had over 50,000 hits on our website.  Whew.  Thanks folks!  We hope you all come and see us soon!

This is a busy weekend.  We have our CHL classes this Saturday.  You know the drill.  Come at 2 pm, grab a brownie and a drink and join us for a very informative class.  You can bring your own firearm or rent one of ours.  This class is recommended for those seeking a CHL and those informing themselves about firearm laws and safety.

We have started our courses for Hunter Safety.  If you plan on hunting in Texas this fall, you  need to have your hunter safety course out of the way.  Do not wait until the Fall.  Get is this summer and spend Fall outfitting yourself.  Click here for more information.

You only need to take this course once.  If you are planning to hunt with your kids, bring them along.  They also need to take the course before they hunt.

When you get your deer, we will happily BBQ your deer sausage and help you eat it!  We are just that great.

Our last post talked about the Supreme Court clarification on how to purchase firearms as a gift.  The best thing to do is purchase a gift certificate from us.  You pick out the gun you want to give as a gift.  We make a gift package that you give the lucky gal or guy.  They come into the shop and pick it up.  Both of you go out and shoot it for the first time.  What can be better?  OK, there is a couple more days until Christmas, but planning is everything.

This weekend the RGV Shooters is having a IDPA pistol shoot.  Hop in their website for more details.  If you are new to competitions, they are the best group to start with.  Members, you are needed to help set up on Saturday.

We have set up a practice range for those of you who want to practice.  Just let the staff know when you arrive that you are practicing for competitions and they will set up the range for you.  We have practice for our plinking and bowling pins as well as IDPA and USPSA.

Come and see us this summer.  We get the cool golf breezes and an air conditioned  shop for relaxing with gun guys and gals.

Final thing.  If you are not on our Facebook, click here to join.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Supreme Court Decision on Firearm Purchases

A man purchased a firearm for a relative.  The relative wanted the law enforcement discount.

The gun was purchased and the buyer did not disclose on the forms that the purchase was for another individual.

OK...two bads here.

1.  If you are not law enforcement, you should not get a discount.  The Glock discount is to support our men and women who protect us.  These guys got in trouble because they were trying to get the discount, not because they were trying to break the law.

2.  If you purchase a firearm for someone else and do not declare that fact, it is a straw purchase.  That is against the law.  Period.  In this situation, both persons involved in this were able to pass a background check.  There was no illegal intent.  That does not make a difference.

The basic fact is that the procedure for purchasing for another person needs to apply to everyone.  That is the only way the law is applicable and  punishable when a crime is involved.

Therefore:  1,  when you are purchasing for another person as a gift or a convenience, ask us the proper procedure.  2.  Law enforcement discounts are for law enforcement.

On an end note.  Look at the picture of the Supreme Court.  We have to do something to get more fashionable and better looking folks nominated.  Look at what Italy elects.   We have to get it together here folks!

Read the article. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Always Growing and Changing

We have installed a large screen television in the front of the shop for those youngins and oldins who want to play video games can do so.  This leaves the shooters in the family or friend group some quality time to shoot.  There is something for everyone to do. 

We also just have customers who like to be at the shop and join in on the constantly engaging conversation about firearms.  Now you have a good reason for staying longer.

The RGV Shooters has a match this Sunday.  It is a multi-gun with a carbine and a handgun.  These matches are tons of fun and give you and opportunity to use lots of skills.  Safety meeting is 9:45 am and hammer down is at 10 am.

If you are practicing for competitive shooting, ask the staff to set up the practice range for you.  You can practice shooting behind walls, under walls and even on the move.  For accuracy, use the Bowling Pins.  This requires a handgun that is 9mm and above.  Time yourself like you are shooting a competition.

We have updated the calendar so check it out for specials for June and July.  We are continuing our
Saturday Date Night throughout June and July.  No better way to find out if that special someone really is special.  

On a very serious and somber note, we have all lost a protector and friend.  Our thoughts and best wishes go out to Ivan Reyes' family and friends.  May he rest in peace. 

Now his family and friends have a Guardian Angle watching and waiting. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Free Day for Veterans!

For our Veterans we invite them to come to the range for free on Veterans Day.

To us at Massey's, Veterans Day means this is a time for reflection about the fellow men and women who served with us to preserve our country, our beliefs and our ideals.  We honored them yesterday, we honor them today and we will honor our children and grandchildren as they serve in the future.

While you are enjoying the three day holiday, take a moment with friends and family to remember what this holiday is all about.   Our Veterans have made it possible for us to share this day with generations of our family members who have lived in peace in the Valley.  We can have a picnic in our own back yard, fish all night with our buddies and  take our firearms to the range for the day of relaxation.  All because of Veterans.

Highway 48 Bar and Grill has given us some free yummies for a drawing along with other fun drawing prizes.  If you win free yummies from Highway 48, go on Friday between 6 pm and 7 to watch Sons of Gun on one of their tons of big screen T.V.'s.  They have a special every day.  Check it out.

Another trip you may consider is to visit Palo Alto Battlefield.  Learn about the battles fought and won here to establish a permanent border between the U.S. and Mexico.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Come this weekend. We won't have this wonderful weather for long!

The range is enjoying beautiful weather.  Warm, balmy breezes, a dry road and a very pleasant temperature.

We have lots of brownies baking, getting lots of hot dogs to steam and the staff is anxiously waiting for more talk about guns.  Spend the day.

Come in and relax in one of our overstuffed chairs.  No need to rush, your range fee is actually a day pass.  Chill.

You can zero in your firearms, shoot for a while and then clean them at the range.  Trust me, your house partners will be very happy that the smell of cleaning your gun is not permeating the house.

Saturday beginning at 4 pm you can bring a date for free!  This special will continue every Saturday in May.

We had a great Kid's shoot last week.  We apologize for the one Massey's Ranger shooter who made mom late to cook her mom's Mom's Day dinner!  Kids 4 or 14 can make, "Just one more time?!" last for one hour.

Check out our Events Calendar for competitions this weekend.  There is a competition every day except Saturday somewhere in the Valley.  Gun sports are really catching on!