Saturday, November 22, 2014

Turkey Day Specials!

Come anytime Turkey Week and get a $5.00 off coupon for your next visit through December.

This is the plan.

You come early this week, and practice, practice, practice.  Then when you bring your T-Day guests, you will be a crack shot.

We will back you up when you say, "Well, my fellow out-of-town guests,  I haven't shot for awhile. Lets see how I do."  We will not define "awhile".  We will also not tell your boss that we are not a diner when you say you took a long lunch at Massey's Diner.

We will be open Thanksgiving Day, regular hours, from 10 to 6 pm.  Best way to help out the cook at home is bring the kids to the range.

Turn Black Friday into Fun Friday.  Drop off the shoppers and then head for the range.  While you are here make out your Christmas list to give to Santa.

Saturday and Sunday are free rentals for out-of-towners.

In all seriousness, in the spirit of the holiday, we are thankful for our shooters.  We enjoy when you visit  and we can make your day a relaxing and exciting experience.  It makes us proud that so many of you are loyal and regular customers who tell others about our range.

Thank you!  We appreciate you.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween at the Range

We have lots of events this weekend to celebrate Halloween.

Pumpkin Shoot on Saturday

Want to retire your Halloween pumpkins?  Bring them to the range.  For this Saturday
only you can use them as targets.  We will also have surprise Halloween Targets for you to shoot.

Ladies Day on Saturday!  

Ladies get free rentals.  We will have staff ready to help you shoot lots of different handguns to learn what type of gun is best for you.  You can even shoot the rifles!  Tons of fun.

And we are going to sweeten the offer. Bring a girlfriend and we will count you as a non-mandatory kissing couple for $25. Bring three girlfriends and we will count you as a family for $35!

Sunday is 50 Cal day and free rentals for all.

Everyone can get free rentals.  At 1 pm we will bring out the 50 cal and wave goodbye to the $25 first shot fee.  Everyone shoots for $10 a shot.

Sunday CHL Class

Finally, Sunday is a CHL class.  Meet at the range at 4 pm., grab a brownie or two and get ready for a truly unique class taught by Larry.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

We have pictures!

Last month was busy with our workshop for teachers.  Always trying to please our great customers, we even matched firearms with fashion.

The workshop has been so successful, in January we will be hosing a day long workshop for teachers.  It will include more range time, defense tactics and how to secure a site after a shooting.

When you think it can not happen to you, one of our staff reported that her grand daughter heard gun shots in the stairwell next to her class.  Luckily it was a targeted shooting, except the target was not hit when the shooter shot gangster
style into the crowd.

This young lady is a sure shot.  Look at the picture of her first 5 shots with an AK.  Of course we attribute her success with her fashion sense.

We had a great Kids Competition.  We used the regular stages, however we added the sink a sub game.

So, what is coming up in October?  Lots

Free Rentals Saturday and Sunday, October 18 and 19.  

For October, the Sink a Sub targets will be $3.00 for youth.  They usually are $5.00 each.  Once kids bring in their targets, they are entered in our contest.  Targets can be shot at any time.

Hope to see you all soon.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

More on what is coming up!

We have just five hunter safety courses left for this season:  September 13 and 14,  October 1, 11, an 12.   Click here for more information.  You have homework that you need to complete before you come to the class.

Hunting can be fun if you dress correctly.  Wear boots and a hat.

Sunday we have a CHL class.  Click here for more information.  The class starts at 2 and lasts until 8 pm, The time is regulated by the State of Texas.  The class is for those who have firearms and those that are considering their first purchase.

We have another class for Teachers on the Guns That are in the News.  This class covers the
different types of ammo and firearms that have been in the news.  Everyone will have an opportunity to shoot an AR or AK, shotgun, and various handguns.  This course is the first step to understanding what educators need to do to protect yourselves and your students.

We hope by educating teachers, parents and administrators, they will be able to make wise decisions on how to keep their schools safe for our our kids and grandkids.  There are many measures that can be taken and educators need to be informed.

This course is Sunday, August 21 at 1 p.m. and goes until 4 pm.   The cost is $20.00 per participant/  This includes the firearms. targets, range fee, brownies, bad jokes and ammo.   Participants can bring their own firearms or extra ammo if they like to shoot more after the class.  

Interested parents are also invited to attend.    Protecting our  schools is our community responsibility. Teachers take this notice  to your principal.  Principals take this notice to your Superintendent.

Our instructor is Manny Cerda. He is a teacher and gun enthusiast.  (Look at his pic.  He cleans up nice!)  Mark your calendars!

Have a great week.  Hope to see you all soon!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

First newsletter of the week......lots happenin'

We are probably going to have two newsletters this week to get everything in.  So, please take notes so you don't forget anything.

First, we have so many folks spending the day here, the guys, Jon and Adam made a barbecue/smoker that we can use for special events.  In addition, it is on wheels so we can also wheel it to your favorite range for your own picnic.  Shoot while you cook hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, steak, lobster, corn or anything you want.  Jon and Adam have volunteered to stand by your sizzling lobsters and steak while you shoot.

Jon fired it up today for its maiden voyage and cooked hamburgers, hotdogss and corn.  We did a taste testing and it was delish.  It is good enough for our shooter friends.

I took pictures, but unfortunately, the meat didn't survive the feeding frenzy.   No one wanted to get close during the feed for fear of getting bit.  There is some corn left.  Ask for it.  It is in the back in the refrig.

We have found a new way to support Massey's Rangers.  The first way is that we have is targets that are a deck of cards.  Some folks are using them to play poker, but we thought they were to play Fish.  Go figure.  But they are your cards, do what you want.

The targets are $5.00 each.  After we pay back Larry, we get to keep the proceeds to help Massey's Rangers buy equipment for competitions and travel expenses.  Larry provides rifles, closes the steel 22 range for competitions  and practice, targets and equipment for USPSA.

Massey's Rangers have their own Facebook Like Page.  Like it to hear about updates.

We have another target for Kids' Competitions that will allow kids to shoot at any time.  More on that after we get the target stands up on the range and the web page built.

Labor Day is free rentals for all.  Don't miss it.  Come early.  We have been the busiest in the early afternoon.  Bring something to bbq and our hungry, underpaid staff will wheel it out to you.

Sunday is our CHL class.  We have 3 more Hunter's Safety Classes this month.  Check out our Calendar of Events.

Ok, take a break from reading.  The other newsletter will be coming soon.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Busy September Coming Up.

This weekend, the last is August (good riddance hot weather), is free rentals for college students on Saturday.  

This marks your last weekend of freedom and any money you earned this summer.  Back to hitting the books.   UTB and UTPA students graduating this May will be the last UTB and UTPA graduates ever before the two universities consolidate to form UTRGV.  Keep watching our Newsletter.  We will have a special graduation day for you in May.

Saturday is also our CHL class.    This class is for new shooters and experienced shooters.  If you have not yet purchased a handgun, take the class before you buy. Click here for the Texas State's FAQs for concealed carry.  Check if you are someone who needs to have a license.  

We are celebrating Labor Day weekend by giving our friendly staff more work.  Labor Day Weekend brings specials for everyone.  See the specials below:

Saturday is free rentals for college students.  That includes UTB, TSC, TSTC, STC, UTPA  and the private technical colleges.  Just show your ID or anything else to prove you are a student.  A very sad face with an depleted wallet will do.  You will need to have $15.00 range fee and ammo.  Bring your own or buy here.

Sunday is 50 Cal. day.  We usually charge $25.00 for the first round.  From 1 pm to 3 pm we will drop the $15.00 staff fee.  So, every shot is $10.00.  Bring a camera and post your video on our regular   Facebook page, our Like Page orMassy's Rangers Like Page, a like page for youth under 18.  If you rent it, you have to carry it out!  Our friendly staff carriers out the ammo.

Monday is Free Rentals for all!  We really want our staff to work hard to celebrate Labor Day.  That is what it is all about right?  You can use any of our firearms in our rental shelves.  This is a good time to try new firearms.  You will only be charged for the day fee and ammo.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Additions Over the Summer

Lots of changes over the summer. The biggest you will notice as you walk into the shop. Lots of room to sit, visit with staff and friends and even play games between shooting.

We have come to the conclusion that target shooting is a social sport. Our customers come here spend a relaxing and fun day with family and friends.  So we made it more comfortable for you.

This was also so customers can get to the counter to register!

We also added a video gaming  area.  Kids of all ages can take a break and use one of the two gaming stations.  Or, make it a reason to stay longer with your friends and
family.  The games are included in your day pass admission.

This room will also be used for classes and meetings.  Our classes are always informal with an emphasis on learning and enjoyment for  very interesting topics.  And, no, your day pass does not include an overnight on the couch.  That is reserved for staff.

We added a new bowling pin range.  Bowling pins have become the favorite target so we added one more bowling pin range.  The bowling pins are proving to be a favorite range.  You need a 9mm or bigger to knock them over.  This new bowling pin range is for friendly competitions.   The other range is for our Saturday competition and practice.

We have updated our descriptions of our ranges on our webpage.  Click here to see them. 

The Hunter Safety Classes for August are on Wednesday the 13th, Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th. Visit our Hunter Safety webpage to learn what you need to do before the class.  We only have three more classes in September before White winged dove season opens on September 20th.  Take the course now, in August, and practice shooting in September on our Shotgun Range.